2022: Laying the Foundations

Idea Phase

The inception of Skyrex.io was born out of a vision to simplify and enhance the cryptocurrency trading experience. Our team identified gaps in the market and set out to create solutions tailored for both novice and expert traders.

Dashboard: Recognizing the importance of a consolidated view, we introduced the trading diary in our dashboard. This feature allows traders to track, analyze, and reflect on their trading activities, fostering continuous learning and improvement.

Algorithmic Bot: The launch of our AI-driven trading bot marked a significant step towards automating trading processes. This bot was designed to make informed decisions in real-time, ensuring optimal outcomes even in volatile market conditions.

Beta Test Launch: We rolled out our beta version to a select group of users, gathering invaluable feedback and insights. This phase was crucial in refining our tools and ensuring they met the needs of our target audience.

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