The ABCs of Non-Custodial Solution

At Skyrex, we've always believed that the cornerstone of a trustworthy trading platform is the unwavering security of its users' funds. With the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of the cryptocurrency landscape, ensuring the safety of your assets is our paramount concern.

Unlike many platforms that require direct deposits, Skyrex stands out by championing non-custodial solutions. This means that instead of depositing funds into a Skyrex account, you maintain them in your own personal accounts. Our system is designed to interact with your accounts without ever taking possession of your funds.

To achieve this, we've integrated API keys fortified with IP whitelist features. This technology allows Skyrex to execute trades and manage portfolios on your behalf without ever having the ability to move your funds. Furthermore, our esteemed partnerships as an official broker for giants like Binance and Bybit have enabled us to offer FastConnect(OAuth). This feature ensures a seamless and secure connection between Skyrex and your trading accounts.

What's crucial to understand is that this architecture not only restricts any withdrawal capabilities on our end but also guarantees that we never have direct access to your funds. This design ensures that you, and only you, maintain full control over your assets at all times.

In the vast world of cryptocurrency trading, you might come across services or platforms that request direct transfers or deposits to their accounts. We urge you to approach such requests with caution. Transferring funds outside of your control can expose them to unnecessary risks. At Skyrex, our commitment is to provide a platform where your assets remain securely under your purview, granting you not just the tools for successful trading, but also the peace of mind knowing your financial interests are safeguarded.

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